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Member of nominet


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Home (Hosting, Domain Names and Web Development Solutions!)
About Us (Softflare Limited - hosting and web development)
Our Services (Web Development, Hosting, Domain Names...)
•   Domain Names (Get The Domain Name of your CHOICE!)
•   •   Prices (Domain name prices)
•   •   DOMAIN RENEWALS! (Has my domain name expired?)
•   Hosting and Prices (Our Hosting / E-mail Account Prices)
•   •   Disk usage (Disk usage explained)
•   FTP Accounts (Secure File Storage using FTP)
•   Website Development
•   •   Custom Design (Custom web designs for a Fixed Fee?)
•   •   Keep it Legal (Keeping your Website Legal)
•   Search Engine Help (Search Engine Optimisation)
Our Products
•   FotoFlare
•   ListFlare
•   SiteFlare (The easy website builder for everybody!)
•   ShopFlare
•   SpamFlare
•   VirusFlare
•   Website Starter Pack (Business Web Site Starter Pack)
Testimonials (Customer Testimonials)
Support (Email, Remote or OnSite Support)
•   Your Control Panel (Administer your Account using the Plesk Control Panel)
•   •   CatchAll Account (How to set your CatchAll Email Account in Plesk)
•   •   Mail Groups (Managing Mail Groups)
•   Arial Black Italic (Arial Black is always in Italic)
•   Backing Up (Your BackUp Strategy)
•   Blackberry spam! (My Blackberry is inundated with spam)
•   Blogs and blogging (Can I insert a blog into my Siteflare?)
•   Clear the cache? ( Clearing your Browser’s Cache/Hard Refreshing)
•   Admin my Database? (How do I administer my Softflare database?)
•   DOCX help! (Help! I cannot open DOCX files!)
•   E-mail issues (E-mail support pages)
•   •   What is a 553 Error? (I got a 553 Error... Why?)
•   •   Authentication (E-mail Set Up: My Server Requires Authentication)
•   •   Autoresponders (Setting up an Out Of Office email Autoresponder)
•   •   BT Sending problem? (Using BT Broadband and can’t send mail?)
•   •   E-mail address spoof (How spammers make you think you’ve been compromised)
•   •   E-mail account setup (Setting up your e-mail account)
•   •   Forward Attachments (How to Forward as an Attachment)
•   •   iphone and email (Send and Receive Softflare emails on my iphone)
•   •   Mailing List (How to create a Mailing/Distribution List)
•   •   Missing E-mail (E-mail is not getting to me!)
•   •   Outlook Purge (Outlook - Purge IMAP items marked for deletion)
•   •   POP? IMAP? (What’s the difference between POP and IMAP?)
•   •   Webmail Filters (Activating Filters in Webmail)
•   •   winmail.dat? (How to deal with winmail.dat attachments)
•   Facebook a/c delete (How do I delete my Facebook account?)
•   Facebook Archive (Download an archive of your Facebook data)
•   HP scanner problem? (Does your HP Director program not start?)
•   Website images (Creating web-friendly images)
•   Invoices not printing (When printing your invoices the images disappear)
•   MS Office, cannot Save! (Trouble saving Office documents in Windows XP/2000?)
•   What is PING? (What exactly is PING?)
•   Protecting Directories (Using .htaccess to protect your web pages)
•   Remote Support (Let us fix your computer by Remote Control!)
•   •   Instant Support (Let us help you NOW with your Windows problems)
•   Send a Screenshot (Take a Screen Shot of your Desktop and Send it to Us)
•   TeamViewer support (TeamViewer Remote Support)
•   Video Conference (Set up a quick and easy Video Conference)
•   Video embed (Embedding Video in your Siteflare website builder)
•   Website statistics
•   •   Google Analytics (Should I be using Google Analytics?)
Terms & Conditions
•   Web and Development (Terms & Conditions - Web and Development)
•   Hosting / E-mail (Terms & Conditions: Hosting / E-mail)
•   Payment Terms (Terms & Conditions - Payment Terms)
•   How To Pay (How to make payments to Softflare Limited)
•   Privacy Policy (Terms & Conditions - Privacy Policy)
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