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Member of nominet

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Custom web designs for a Fixed Fee?

No... well, thatís the short answer. The long answer follows.

Custom design for a fixed fee? Custom website design is, by its very nature, fluid. A custom design needs to be briefed, drawn up, preps produced, approval sought, changes made, etc etc etc. We cannot provide a custom design for a customer on a fixed fee because one of two things will happen:

  1. we, the designers, lose out because we underquoted
  2. the customer loses out because we overquoted

Either way one or other party leaves the relationship feeling slighted. This is not a good state of affairs, and yet some clients are happy with that situation. As an ethical design company, we are not. We believe the client should pay for the work that has been done and for the designer to work for the design agreed upon. Anything else is unacceptable and simply not fair.1

The only fair way to create a custom design is for the client to prepare a detailed brief of what is required, including source material, examples, likes, dislikes, content copy etc. and for the designer to then provide an estimate of costs. This estimate is going to be fairly loose because the designer has to get into the mind of the client to create something sympathetic to the clientís wishes. No client is happy with the first draft  - thatís the nature of design and all clients should expect to have to go through a number of revisions until they are satisfied, and they should expect to pay for the designerís time. Our standard design rate is

£75/hr or £560/day2 

However, notwithstanding the above, we have a significant number of clients who simply trust that, as professionals, we will not only design something that is sympathetic to their wishes but also something that will appeal to the intended target audience. Remember, we are not designing to please you - we are designing to please your audience. If your audience likes what they see - theyíll buy your product / service!

1 the only possible exception to this is our Business Website Starter Pack where it looks like we offer "a custom design for a fixed fee". However, the Business Web site Starter Pack requires that the client completes a Business Website Starter Pack Preparation document which we use to base their design on. If they leave the document blank they affirm that they will accept the design we produce. The Business Web site Starter Pack is the best value budget website on the market.

2 one day constitutes 8 man hours

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